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Vivian Macias


Principal Properties, Inc.

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About Vivian Macias

Vivian Macias is a dedicated and passionate Realtor, Broker-Owner in the Broward and Miami-Dade Counties area in Florida. She is known for her exceptional negotiating skills and exceptional service and expertise in the market. With over 35 years of Real Estate experience, Vivian makes each transaction as smooth and stress-free as possible for all her clients. She began her journey in real estate back in 1988, and since then has joined Principal Properties, Inc, following in the footsteps of her family who have been REALTORS® for three generations. In the early 1960s, her family immigrated from Cuba to the United States, seeking a new life and opportunities. Currently, she works alongside her sisters, managing their family real estate business that was established in 1977. Where she has been able to provide numerous clients with her knowledge, expertise, and unparalleled passion for the field.

In addition to helping clients buy and sell homes, Vivian is also highly skilled in luxury and residential properties, investment properties, and 1031 exchanged transactions. Being a native Floridian, I am fluent in both English and Spanish, which has been instrumental in serving a diverse clientele.

During her free time, you will often find her either cooking or enjoying the beach under an umbrella. The passion she has for our profession is evident in everything she does, and she is truly grateful for the opportunity to serve and make a positive impact in the lives of her clients and fellow real estate professionals.

As Realtor, she takes pride in giving back and being actively involved in community initiatives. Whether it's volunteering, sponsoring local events, or advocating for neighborhood development, She is dedicated to making a meaningful impact beyond the realm of real estate.

By choosing her as your realtor, you're not just benefiting from her experience and dedication. You're also aligning yourself with a team that genuinely cares about your aspirations and the well-being of the communities they serve. Together, we can work towards realizing your selling goals while fostering a sense of unity and prosperity in our neighborhoods.

If you have any questions or would like to connect, please don't hesitate to reach out. Look forward to connecting with you.

Vivian will be sure to exceed your Real Estate expectations. Contact her today!




35 years 6 months

Price range (last 24 months)

$48K - $745K

Spoken Languages

  • English